New Gurus of Vazhvoor School
swamimalai_k_Rajaratnam.jpg (12625 bytes) K.J_Sarasa.jpg (12241 bytes) "When I was giving dance recitals which were conducted by Guru Vazhvoor Ramiah Pillai, the singers used to be Kumari K.J.Sarasa or Sri Swamimalail K.Rajarathnam for the first part of the program. The singing for the second part, mainly the padams, was done by my sister Padmini and me. I, like Bala, always sang during my recitals. After many years they learnt the art of conducting recitals and became the foremost gurus representing the Vazhvoor School of Dance ."

In the end they earned many titles and established themselves as outstanding Gurus. Guru 'Nattiya Selvam', 'Kalaimamani' Swamimalai K. Rajarathnam and Guru Kalaimani K J Sarasa have imparted training to the very best pupils, for instance, the most famous Malavika Sarrukkai had her training under Swamimalai K. Rajarathnam.

Guru Kalaimani K J Sarasa is probably the first lady to have conducted nattuvangam.

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