Re: Hema Malini (Dancer and Film Actress): Hema Malini is named after Hemamalini Vijayaraghavan

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(Extract from "The Hindu" -  Oct 3-1997: Under Friday Review- Bombay Beat -exclusive interview by Bhawana Somaayya)....The film actress Hema Malini says....
" There is still time and I am in no hurry. Today, when I look back, I realise that making me into an artiste was a bhakti for my mother, a tapasya. It was an obsession, and it began much before I was born."
" A painter and singer herself, my mother was determined to groom me into an accomplished artiste. I was named Hema Malini because she felt it was an appropriate name for a dancer."
"Those days my parents had a family friend, Vijayaraghvan, an I.C.S. officer whose daughter was a very beautiful and talented Bharatanatyam dancer by the same name. So impressed was my mother with her, that she was determined to name me after her. I was made to learn dance very early when I was five years old."

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