Padma Vibhushan T.Balasaraswathi

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The only time Hema met Bala again was after 25 years after I retired as all my postings were never in the south of India and we rarely visited Madras except on holidays .

" Now, Bala had become world renowned. She was visiting from America as they had a home there too. The house she had constructed now in Kilpauk, Madras was a mansion compared to the one I knew. However the same showcase with Veena Dhannamal's veena and the familiar photographs that I had seen in their previous small house were there, but I missed the old atmosphere. Viswa was there and some foreign girls were also present. Lakshmi had also married a foreigner.

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The moment I walked in Bala embraced and kissed me as if I was a little girl. Bala was emotionally perturbed on seeing me again after a lapse of time and welcomed me with her arms around me like a long lost child. She had lost weight and did not look too well - but she wore the same smile! Vishwa made a brief appearance and was so happy to see me. Bala introduced me to the 'nouve family' and most proudly to her grandson, who was 2 to 3 years old, as "my kutti Krishna". That was the last time I met Bala,my gracious and most beloved guru. It was all too emotional for me."

The " Kutti Krishna" ,whose name is Anirudha is now a performing artiste in Bhararathanatyam and is the sole living person deriving a direct lineage to T.Balasaraswathi, and is probably the only one left to carry on the famous Balasaraswathy parampara.

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